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Covid-19 message 

from the Managing Director 

As you probably know by now, First Response Australia has suspended all of its First Aid and Emergency Medical courses until further notice.

This is now the accepted position of all reputable providers of First Aid training.

Even with the extraordinary steps we and other providers have taken to limit class sizes, the well being of staff, trainers and clients is paramount and the risks of contamination are not offset by the adoption of personal protective equipment and physical distancing.

We are receiving many calls from our clients, concerned that the expiry of their First Aid qualifications may put their employment at risk.

These concerns have led to panic in some situations which may be understandable in these stressful times, but is unfounded.

Unfortunately these concerns are being used as an excuse for some providers to continue delivering courses.

Our investigations show that there are no cases (in this current climate) where a person has been denied employment or been stood down due to expired qualifications.

A point in question is Low Voltage Switchboard Rescue;  the Electrical Safety Office of Queensland Government has put interim arrangements in place.

The safety Officer is granting exemptions and also states:  'Workers whose CPR, or LVR is not current should not act in roles that require this training, particularly safety observers.  The work should be rescheduled or redesigned so a safety observer or rescuer is not required'

The HR personnel that we have spoken to, have assured us that where CPR/First Aid qualifications are a pre-requisite to new employment or retaining employment, a candidate not possessing current qualifications would not be unfairly treated and would be advised to gain the qualifications as soon as is safe and practical.

We would also like to point out that providing First Aid without a current qualification is not against the law.  Our laws do not require Good Samaritans to be qualified, so there is no need to be overly concerned.

Having said all this, as we continue to receive calls regarding 'expired qualifications' we ask the inquirer to do the following:

  • Discuss with your employer and seek clarification that it is necessary to continue employment.
  • Let your employer know that you have enrolled in a class when business returns to normal.
  • If your employer is adamant that they want you to have this qualification now, we would advise the employer to conduct a risk assessment of the provider of the training to ensure that all safety requirements have been taken in regards to halting the spread of COVID-19.

We will assist any of our clients that are still in need of qualifications where we can, but this would require a 'one on one' delivery situation with additional requirements.

We believe that the concern of lapsed qualifications may allow people to take unnecessary risks, and that providers that are preying on these concerns are acting unethically.

To all our clients and customers, please call regarding any of these concerns, and we will endeavour to assist you.

Stay safe and hope to see you on the other side.

Regards - Charles Makray (Managing Director)

First Response Australia has been training for over 18 years and has issued over 70,000 certificates. We are the leading independent providers of First Aid and Emergency Care training in Queensland and the largest provider of Defibrillation training. These programs are able to be delivered on site and overseas.

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