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First Responder Newsletter March 2013 (pdf file)
Articles include:

* Miracle recovery from 40 minute death at Melbourne Aquatic Centre
* AED Deployment Registry Some areas of concern you should know
* FRA launches Pre-Hospital Care courses for 2013
* Cannabis could prove to be a stroke risk
* Drowning prompts new rescue protocols in NSW
* Bizarre Emergency calls an Ambulance
* Sales @ FRA

First Responder Newsletter November 2012 (pdf file)
Articles include:

* Graphic Oz adverts about stroke banned.
* US EMTs to be armed.
* FRA launches bridging course for Ambulance Cert. IV Health Care
* Hundreds affected by Victorian ambulance drug switch.
* Pacemakers can become 'deadly weapon,' hacked.
* Young Footballers endangering their health.
* Sales @ FRA

First Responder Newsletter September 2012 (pdf file)
Articles include:

* Can Oxygen hurt ?
* Is calling the Emergency Call Service via mobile phone reliable?
* Pedestrians distracted by hoodies and ear phones at greater risk
* NSW schools shun Defibrillators
* Robot Lifeguards to the rescue
* FRA launches new product catalogue

First Responder Newsletter June 2012 (pdf file)
Articles include:

* Medics & police join forces in "booze" response units in UK
* Cardiac cocktail delivered by medics may save lives
* New "non-invasive" therapy for haemorrhagic shock
* Black cardiac arrest victims less likely to receive bystander CPR
* The Last Word
* Sales @ FRA

First Responder Newsletter April 2012 (pdf file)
Articles include:

* The New Paradigm is "Cervical Splinting"
* New treatment for seizures using auto injection therapy
* Defibrillators a phone call away in an emergency
* ResQPOD - the facts!
* The Last Word
* Sales @ FRA